Henrietta L. Moore

is the Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and Chair in Philosophy, Culture and Design at UCL

Henrietta L. Moore.
Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

Signs of the Times: Anthropology, Undecidability and Politics

Henrietta L. Moore delivered the 50 year anniversary lecture to celebrate the establishment in 1964 of the Department of Social Anthropology (SAI) at the University of Oslo. More »


Henrietta L. Moore in conversation with Ricken Patel

Listen to Henrietta L. Moore and Ricken Patel's conversation about changes in ‘politics from below’ and whether there is something genuinely new in kind about the way in which civil society is now operating. @ Hay Festival 2014 More »


The Institute of Global Prosperity launched

Through its events programme, the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity aims to open up the debate on the most pressing challenge of our age – achieving long-term prosperity for the whole of humankind. More »


Protest politics and the ethical imagination

Protest, like marriage, means re-imagining relations to self and other. The Taksim Square Book Club used reflection as a riposte to state brutality. The ethical imagination is at the root of this. More »


Evil: what’s in a word?

What does it take to get someone to go into a shopping mall with an AK47 and mow down random strangers? A failure of those acts of imagination that connect us to people we have never known. More »

coming of age

BBC World Service podcast: The Why Factor

Why do different cultures mark 'coming of age'? Why is there so much variety between cultures? For some the advent of adulthood is celebrated by lavish parties, for others, by endurance tests and initiation ceremonies. Henrietta L. Moore gives her opinion for the BBC World Service programme The Why Factor with Mike Williams. More »


BBC Radio4: ‘New’ Biological Relatives & Kinship

Henrietta L. Moore joins BBC Radio 4's Laurie Taylor and Sarah Franklin to talk about Prof Franklin's study into the meaning and impact of IVF (originally broadcasted on 11 June 2014) More »

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Signs of the Times: Anthropology, Undecidability and Politics

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

Henrietta L. Moore delivered the 50 year anniversary lecture to celebrate the establishment in 1964 of the Department of Social Anthropology (SAI) at the University of Oslo.

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Honorary degree from Queen’s University Belfast


Henrietta L Moore has been recognised for her outstanding services to the social sciences. She has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Social Science (DSSc) degree from Queen’s University Belfast. Queen’s awards honorary degrees to individuals who have achieved high distinction or given significant service in one or more fields of public or professional life, and who serve as ambassadors for the University and Northern Ireland around the world. Professor Moore received her award alongside several other notable individuals, including the Nobel Prize winning physicist Peter Higgs, singer Katie Melua, Irish rugby player Brian O’Driscoll and the Irish businessman Dermot Desmond. The graduation ceremony took place on 3 July.

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Professor Moore on BBC World Service

BBCworld serivces

“What we need is a robust set of research evidence, and we need to deliver that evidence to those who make the decisions.”

Listen to Henrietta L. Moore discussing the new Institute for Global Prosperity on BBC World Service – Business Daily (15 May 2014).

The Institute of Global Prosperity will launch in October 2014 at UCL with the aim to transform how we make decisions, the kinds of evidence and reasoning on which our decisions are based, and the tools (cultural, policy, legal) we have at our disposal to maintain global prosperity. It will be led by Henrietta L. Moore.

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Encountering Others: Henrietta L. Moore at TEDxOxbridge

You can’t get by in the world without meeting other people. But, humans have a fatal fascination with difference, which might explain why they find it hard to share. Watch the video of Henrietta Moore’s talk ‘Encountering Others’ in which she discusses the role of the ethical imagination in the development of our relationships with others, and the development of ourselves.

The talk was part of the “Connecting Through Time” session at TEDxOxbridge 2013.

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Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions

Ranging from African initiation rituals to Japanese anime, and from sex in virtual worlds to Schubert songs, Henrietta Moore focuses on how best we might approach the relationship between critical thought and politics, as well as the dynamics of intimacy and meaning in contemporary cultural and social life. Still Life explores how the ideas of social analysts and ordinary people intertwine and diverge, and argues for an ethics of engagement based on an understanding of the human need to engage with cultural problems and seek social change.

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Tomorrow’s Fantasies

Prophets of the future are being ostracised from the canon. Is this reluctuance to accept speculation in the arts a symptom of decline, as we no longer wish to imagine new possibilities for culture and our lives? Or is fantasising about the future a childish past-time which avoids real engagement with human nature? On 5 June Henrietta L. Moore, fantastical novelists Nick Harkaway and Justina Robson imagined a brave new world at this year’s philosophy and music festival at Hay on Wye

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