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"The 5 Evils" preventing prosperity

Defeating these ‘5 Evils’ requires not just radical, brave economic and social policy on a scale not seen since the Beveridge Report, but an actual redefinition of prosperity and policy-making. And I invite everyone to join in this conversation so that together we can Rebuild Prosperity.

Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2021

Professor Henrietta L. Moore shares "the 5 evils preventing prosperity" in Find your Expert

In 1942, the Beveridge Committee identified five major problems (‘The 5 Evils’) that prevented people from bettering themselves in the 20th Century and would hinder Britain’s post war recovery.

Professor Henrietta L. Moore reveals which are "The 5 Evils" that will prevent people from prospering in the 21st Century to get a successful post COVID recovery.

Institute for Global Prosperity's recent report, ‘Rebuilding Prosperity’ challenges the decades-old social, economic and political orthodoxies on growth and prosperity that have repeatedly failed those in greatest need.

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