Current Main Research

Professor Moore has a continuing long term research engagement with Africa. Her research programme has focused on gender, livelihood strategies, social transformation and symbolic systems. She is one of the leading theorist of gender in Social Anthropology, and her work has developed a distinctive approach to the analysis of the interrelations of material and symbolic gender systems, embodiment and performance, and identity and sexuality. She has written and lectured on Social Theory, Epistemology, Feminist Theory, Anthropology, Gender, Space, Development and Social Enterprise .

Her current main research projects are:

Modern Lives, a study which is premised on the importance of local, personal perspectives in understanding the meaning and nature of sexuality, intimacy and desire in Africa and their entanglements with the cultural processes we usually term as globalisation. [more]

Revisiting Marakwet, a study that analyses continuing ‘traditional’ circumcision ceremonies in the Rift Valley Province of northern Kenya and the new rituals of ‘cutting with words’.  This material will form the basis for a study of ideas about culture and attitudes to cultural change, as well as women’s agency. [more]