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Ethiopia Control of Bovine TB Strategies (ETHICOBOTS)

The ETHICOBOTS project aims at tackling the high burden of BTB in the Ethiopian dairy farm sector and to minimise the zoonotic impact on high risk groups such as staff and their families working on these dairy farms.

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The Marakwet Research Station

A unique research centre has emerged out of the long term research conducted in the Kerio Valley by Henrietta Moore. Collaborative research between Henrietta Moore and Matthew Davies, in close association with the Marakwet community of northwest Kenya, has established this community run centre.

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African Farming Network

Funded by a British Academy International Partnerships and Mobility Award, Henrietta Moore and Professor Caleb Adebayo Folorunso (University of Ibadan, Nigeria) established a collaborative research network to share knowledge and enhance research capacity between research in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

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Gender and Social Change in Marakwet, Kenya

Henrietta Moore has been working in Marakwet, northwestern Kenya, for over thirty years. She has undertaken extensive longitudinal research that provides unique insights into processes that underlie social, economic and cultural change in rural Africa. She has also developed innovative community research methods, working with a team of local ‘citizen scientists’ to co-design and co-produce research.

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Kampala couple 1970s

Modern Lives

The Modern Lives project undertook a comparative study of sexuality, new media and Christianity in three African cities, and their entanglements with the cultural processes we usually term globalisation. Funded by Leverhulme Trust between 2008 and 2011.

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