Development and Prosperity: discussing the post-2015 agenda at the Development Studies conference

education MDGHenrietta L. Moore will speak at the opening plenary on the relationship between prosperity and development at the Development Studies annual conference on Saturday, 1st November 2014. In the opening plenary Professor Moore will speak alongside Melissa Leach (Director of IDS, Sussex) and Kevin Watkins (Director of ODI, London) and the focus will be on the deeper global and national trends, drivers and challenges which are necessitating changes in the theory and practice of development and in identifying important directions for development post-2015. Is real change possible post-2015 or are we in for more of the same? In designing the opening and closing plenaries of the conference the organisers have sought to engage leading scholars from North and South who can reflect on the key new trends and challenges which development theory and practice has to address, as well as the current state of play in the process of identifying Sustainable Development Goals and thinking how to ensure their achievement. The theme of the two plenary sessions is “Development post-2015”.

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