Henrietta L. Moore in conversation with Ricken Patel

Date & Time: Wednesday 28 May 2014, 7pm
Venue: Hay Festival 2014, The Oxfam Moot

CSRelationships between state and society have undergone a significant shift over the last decade. On both sides promises have been made and broken, expectations raised and shattered, partnerships brokered and roles reversed. Moreover, the influence of non-state actors has become impossible to discount. Henrietta Moore  talks about changes in ‘politics from below’ and ask whether there is something genuinely new in kind about the way in which civil society is now operating. She is joined via video link by Ricken Patel, the co-founder of the global protest movement AVAAZ.

Listen to the event here: https://soundcloud.com/university-of-cambridge/the-future-of-civic-activism