Talking Anthropology

In this podcast, Henrietta L. Moore talks about the meaning of the 2012 European Association of Social Anthropologists conference theme “Uncertainty and Disquiet”, the tradition of the discipline in the UK and anthropology’s contemporary challenges. She touches on issues concerning the decline of funding, increasing protests and pressures of mobility as well as open access approaches, such as the HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory. Professor Moore gives her perspective on theoretical avenues pivotal to the discipline and her criteria for good anthropology and well-written ethnographies. She also talks about the reasons for her long-term fascination for anthropology and gives young anthropologists advice for their academic career.

The interview was recorded by Norma Deseke at the 12th conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in Nanterre, Paris in July 2012.

To listen to the podcast, visit the Talking Anthropology website (site opens in new window):