Judith Butler’s contribution to Gender Theory

Date & Time: 4 February 2011, 2pm
Venue: University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B
Speaker(s): Henrietta L. Moore, Mandy Merck, Leticia Sabsay, Terrell Carver
Chair: Harriet Evans

An Encounter with Judith Butler

10.20am – 1pm: Judith Butler’s contribution to contemporary ethical and political issues
with Isabell Lorey, Vikki Bell, Stewart Motha, Elena Loizidou
chaired by Chantal Mouffe

2pm – 4.30pm: Judith Butler’s contribution to gender theory
with Henrietta Moore, Mandy Merck, Leticia Sabsay, Terrell Carver
chaired by Harriet Evans

5pm: Public lecture by Judith Butler
“The Right to Appear. Towards an Arendtian Politics of the Street”

For more information please visit the site of the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at Westminster University.

Link: http://instituteformodern.co.uk/2011/4th-february-judith-butler-at-university-of-westminster-london