Moore, Henrietta L. (2001) ‘Was ist eigentlich mit Frauen und Männern passiert? Gender und andere Krisen in der Anthropologie’ In (eds) D. Davis-Sulikowski and H. Gingrich Koerper, Religion und Macht.

The 1970s were great years: Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, flared trousers, low-fat margarine, Charlie’s Angels and a wine that went by the name of Bull’s Blood. A decade when women were women and men were men. The 1970s were great years for anthropology because back then was the only time we’ve ever been sure in our mindst that we knew what sex and gender were. Like all good things, this certainty has since come to an end. This paper is about certainty and uncertainty, and about the instability of particualr kinds of conceptual project.

[German translation of ‘Whatever happened to women and men? Gender and other crises in Anthropology’ in Trabalhos de Antropologia e Etnologia, Vol. 45(1-2).]