Moore, Henrietta L. (1996). Space, Text, and Gender. 2nd ed.

This study focuses on the relationship between the organization of household space and gender relations, showing how that relation shifts due to changing social and economic conditions, including such factors as wage labor and education. This updated edition contains a new foreword and afterword in which Moore relates her work to more recent developments around gender, resistance, difference, and spatiality.



Preface to the Paperback Edition

I. The Background and Setting of the Study

1. Introduction

2. The Marakwet

3. Sibou Village

4. Space, Time, and Gender

II. Cultural Texts and Social Change

5. Of Texts and Other Matters

6. Ash and Animal Dung: The Organization of Domestic Space Among the Endo

7. Interpreting Space

8. Wages and Westernization: The Changing Spaces of the Endo

II. Interpretation and Representation

9. Invisible Women

10. Text, Ideology, and Power


Appendix 1: Kinship Terminology

Appendix 2: Burial